How to Write Your Facebook Profile Name in Indian Languages

Many people wonder how to write the profile name or notes in any Indian languages in Facebook. Below are some simple steps by which anyone can write their profile names in Indian languages.

Step 1: Open the URL

Step 2: Select your language by clicking on the language options

Step 3: Type your name in the text box

For an example; If you want to write the name Raghuveer in Hindi, then select the Hindi language and then type Raghuveer in English and press SPACE bar on your keyboard, it will convert the name in Hindi language. If you want to edit the name then press the Backspace on your keyboard, then it will show you the options to choose as you like. Below is the screenshot for the reference.

Step 4: After your name has been typed, copy the name and put the name in Facebook Sign-up text form

Step 5: Click on Sign up button and your profile is now available in Hindi language. Similarly you can also try with other languages.