Travel Without Printout of Your e-Ticket – Indian Railways

Indian Railways has taken another positive step for its commuters. Previously if you had to book tickets online, you had to take a print out of the same ticket.  But now you don’t have to take the physical print out rather a virtual print out.

How would be the virtual e-ticket:

According to Indian Railways there are two methods of taking your virtual e-ticket.

1. Electronic Reservation Slip (ERS) – You can carry the booked e-ticket in Laptop/PC/Mobile/iPad or any other electronic device

2. Virtual Reservation Message (VRM) – Take a picture or screen-shot of the booked e-ticket displayed through your Laptop/PC/Mobile/iPad or any other electronic device.

Note: Along with the ERS/VRM, passengers must take their original identity proof with them claiming the ownership of the ticket. By taking this revolutionary step Indian Railways says it can save up to 50 Lakh A4 size papers every year. This is a really environmentally friendly and bold step towards a greener world.