Track Your Friends Location on Mobile Using Google Latitude

Want to see where are your friends now on your mobile phone map, now it is very much simple. Google latitude is a simple app needs to be installed on your phone. It is absolutely free and runs almost every mobile phone including Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Symbian even on your personal computer.

How to install Google latitude on your phone

Simple, just open the link from any computer or if you want to open on your mobile browser then type  Once the browser is opened then click on Send to Phone button.  You need to put your mobile number and click on Send a text message to your phone.

Google latitude for mobile phone

Once you confirm Google will send a text message to your mobile phone, just open the message and click on the link

Google latitude mobile text

Once the app is installed you can see your friends locations if they are online. Similarly you can also set your privacy setting like hiding your location or control your visibility to certain friends.

What are the other features in Google Latitude?

  • Share your location among your friends
  • Check in – Let your friends know where are you currently located like shopping in a Mall or at any airport. Google latitude automatically sets your location once you arrive on a certain place. This can be done using setting with the app.
  • You can create a widget on your mobile screen to see which friends are located nearby location