How to Open a Password Protected PDF File

Suppose you have some pdf file which are protected by password, this could be sent from your friend or from anyone. But some how you don’t’ know the password, hence not able to open it. Another situation could be that you are given option to read it and not allowed to print or copy the text from it. For printing or copying it may protected by password.

How can unlock the PDF file?

There is no straight forward technique to unlock the password protected PDF file. The file creator may have given two type of password i) to open the file ii) to print or text copy. To open the file is really very complex there may be some way but it may take a lot of time for the computer to crack it.

So the recommended option is Advanced PDF password recovery from elcomsoft. There are two versinos available i)Personal use (free for limited usage) ii) Enterprise edition. There is also trial version available, you can download and try it.

Elcomsoft uses a variety of techniques to crack the password. It may use Thunder Table@ Technology, Strong Password Recovery, Dictionary attack and Brute Force Attack.

Advanced PDF Password Recovery

  • Thunder Table@ Technology is a unique way of recovering password using pre-computed tables to speed up the recovery using 40-bit keys. This is an enterprise edition and the password can be cracked within a minutes of time.
  • Strong Password Recovery is the technique used to open the PDF file if it is protected with of 128-bit or 256-bit key encryption.
  • Dictionary Attack technique is used to crack the password using different combination of words and text.
  • Brute Force Attack technique is used to recovery the password if any one of the above technique fails. This technique is highly optimized to a very low level code to give the optimum result of password recovery.

Advanced PDF Password recovery professional edition is a recommended  option. If the password is cracked then it will show it with all the passwords has been tested by the program.